Author:       Sean Patrick Flanery

Sean Patrick Flanery is merely a boy who found and figured out how to use a laptop.  And the "find" certainly wasn't like an English major un-sheathing his first Macintosh.  No, it was more like a boy replacing the ape at the beginning of 2001, A Space Odyssey.  He saw it, circled it, poked it, touched, licked and bit it, until he finally figured out that it could type words.  And even then, it laid there insulting him with silence for years, until he decisively started hacking and jabbing away at the keyboard in a self-serving endeavor to simply get something off his chest.

But, more specifically, he is an American actor, born in Lake Charles, Louisiana, and raised in a small town outside of Houston, Texas.  He graduated from John Foster Dulles High School in Sugar Land, Texas, and then attended the University of St. Thomas before penning his first script and heading off to Los Angeles.  He has appeared in over 100 movies and television shows, some of which he hopes you've seen, and some of which he hopes you haven't.  The "hopes you have" list would probably include things like: Powder, Suicide Kings, The Boondock Saints, The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, Criminal Minds, The Dead Zone, Dexter, etc.

He lives in Los Angeles, California with his family where he loves his life, works in the entertainment industry, writes, and owns and operates a martial arts academy, Hollywood Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, inc.